FWAG South East Farm Advice

Assurance Schemes

Our advisers can help you achieve ‘entry level’ environmental requirements such as Red Tractor status. We also work on retailer schemes such as Nurture and M&S, as well as completing LEAF plans and reports for a variety of land-based companies and individuals, more recently for Tesco.

Our past and current clients include mixed farms with arable and livestock, vegetable and salad growers, large and small scale fruit farms and areas with mainly glasshouses or polytunnels. No holding too small or too large! Remember, all holdings have environmental interaction and can contribute to conservation, whether putting up some bird and bat boxes or managing an area of SSSI.

Meeting your needs

We will provide you with a bespoke documents that detail your environmental assets and meets the requirements of any particular scheme.

For LEAF specifically, FWAG can help you to record and monitor biodiversity, soil, water and air on your farm for the ‘Green Box’, help you with completing the various sections of the Sustainable Farm Review, and with a full audit and plan for the LEAF Marque Section 8 ‘landscape and nature conservation and enhancement plan’ (LANCEP).

We are also pleased to update your previous plans and reports in fulfilment of any requirement for external expert updates and verification.

What we do for you

Typically an assurance scheme plan or report begins with a chat with you to assess your needs and find out a bit more about the farm or holding.

The next part of the process is desk based – doing some background research on habitat, landscape, soils and water etc. This is partly to establish if there are any statutory designations or other priorities that apply to the farm or holding and its surrounds, but it also builds up a picture of your ‘natural capital’ – the elements that will be part of the future Environmental Land Management scheme.

Next we will survey and map these features on the ground, recording and assessing their value and taking into account what you have told us about them including how you have managed them in the past, also any species we have observed or you have recorded.


Your final plan

All this information is turned into the final whole farm plan including: farm biodiversity plan, environmental audit, an action plan for the next 3-5 years, a set of professionally produced maps, and any other relevant information such as Stewardship schemes.


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